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About Nebraska School Chemical Cleanup Campaign (SC3) Initiative

NESC3Outdated, unknown, or unneeded amounts of dangerous or inappropriate chemicals are often found in schools across Nebraska as well as the nation, potentially putting students and staff at risk. Dangerous chemicals represent one of the critical environmental health and safety issues schools must address. 

To date, 235 schools in Nebraska have had chemical clean-outs and are now a safer environment for students and staff.

Grant Funding: Grants from the Nebraska Environmental Trust and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality have been crucial in helping with the collection and disposal costs for these schools. 

Vision: The goals of the Nebraska SC3 initiative are to raise the awareness of chemical hazards, provide tools to prevent chemical exposures, remove unnecessary chemicals from schools and encourage responsible chemical management and safety practices. The twofold scope of the Nebraska SC3 effort is education and training for both pre-service student teachers and in-service training for the proper and safe management of chemicals in schools as well as to develop a comprehensive system for the removal of and proper disposal of unneeded and outdated chemicals. There are numerous partnerships involving both public and private agencies and organizations which will greatly enhance the state program.

Beyond the Chemical Cleanout: While cleaning out the old, often dangerous, and unneeded chemicals is the first priority of the program, maintaining proper chemical management is an essential long-term goal of the program. Responsible chemical management includes performing an annual inventory of chemicals; development of a Chemical Hygiene Plan and updating it annually; development of purchasing and disposal policies; and making sure all chemicals are stored properly in locked storage cabinets. 

To Participate: If your school desires to participate, please contact Keep Nebraska Beautiful at 402.486.4562 or email